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"Serve one another through love." Galatians 5:13

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"We have gifts that differ according to the favor bestowed on each of us." Romans 12:6-8

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"For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be." Luke 12:34

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We are called to use our time faithfully and in the service of others. While we must certainly do the things necessary for our own well-being and keep ourselves from being a burden to others as much as we are able, we should also at all times consider the needs of others along with those of ourselves.

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How we use our God-given gifts is another question we are challenged to analyze in our lives. We are answerable to God for how we make use of the resources and abilities He has entrusted to us.

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Christ’s teaching of the story of the widow’s mite, teaches us that our giving to the upbuilding of the Church is not restricted to the wealthy—by whatever arbitrary standard we measure wealth.

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